Why trade and invest in gold?

March 14, 2022
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Days go by unbelievably fast, and so does the gold trading and investing community around the world.

Gold is a rare and unique asset in finance due to its highly liquid profile. Many traders trust in gold investments, for it's trustworthy as much as it's a future-holding investment. Indeed, gold investment or trading is great, when the world has political or economic times of uncertainty like this.

The high inflation levels in the past forty years, the crisis on the supply chain, and the bad decisions inside the federal reserve, all made the perfect weather to start an economic storm, and the haven gold or trading with this asset is a solution to this pandemic.

Here are 3 reasons why investing in gold should be a good decision for your financial future:

1. Gold's value is still intact.

Even though many years have passed, gold managed to hold tight its value through decades. This is why traders and investors trust in gold to preserve their wealth. Gold is an asset that has helped for so many years support the money value, with the recognized gold pattern.

For the last three decades this pattern doesn’t exist, but the central banks from economic potential countries, still accumulate this precious metal, preparing for a potential crisis for the future.

Also, there are stable coins in the crypto world, as USDT call Tether, that has gold reserve to support the native token’s value.

2. Gold value accommodates in times of geopolitical crisis.

When governments power and decision-making status are low, gold prices are often rising. This is one of the reasons why people turn to gold investing to save their finances.

If inflation rises, the gold increases its value, because so many investors buy it and hold it, for it doesn’t lose the economic capacity to their fiat money counterpart like the USD.

But this kind of macroeconomic information, can be used to make a good trading decisions, such as buying gold. Also, it’s important to know that trading gold and investment are different, read below and know more about it.

3. Increased demand.

In crisis periods like this, gold becomes a favorite investment for many traders. As much as there are emerging economies in the making, gold finds its way to hold on to the top of boosting demand economies.

Trading v Investing in GOLD

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